Copper fashion – feel the earth child within you


Copper may be more than just another metal in boho fashion. This metal has been used for jewelry since times immemorial. The Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, all have limitlessly used copper to not only define their ensembles, but as an integral part of their everyday life. The reason why copper demands such an important place in boho fashion is because it carries a very earthy undertone and therefore signifies a very deep harmony between fashion and nature. The other great benefit with copper is that it looks great any skin tone. Below are some ways to incorporate copper into your boho fashion and to really make your boho style clothing stand out.

  1. Copper chains

Copper chains are much more neutral as compared to gold and silver chains. They can liven up an outfit without making it look too gaudy or over powering. Copper chains are best worn over plain silk tops in deeper, warmer colors such as rust, red and brown. They also look great with black and deep blue. The trick to achieving the flawless look is by keeping the rest of the look simple. Layering copper chains of varying thickness is always more effective than wearing a single one. Single copper chains hardly work for any look unless they are ornamented with stones and motifs. Wear bold makeup on the eyes and lips.

  1. Make up

Copper is a very earthy metal. So without the right makeup, it is hard to bring out the zesty element of this metal. Neutral makeup does nothing great for copper jewelry, it drags down the look. So go for bold eyes and lips instead. Deeper shades of lipstick like mauve, magenta, plum, and burgundy with a silky satin finish, paired with smoky eyes will make a very strong fashion statement.

  1. Copper embellishments

Copper can be worn as more than just a piece of jewelry. Integrating copper as embellishments in dresses and jackets is a great way to add instant glamor to your look. For example, a pair of black skinny jeans paired with a commando blazer, embellished with copper sequins would look great for any kind of event. Copper can further be added to handbags and purses and replaced with bag straps for a bigger impact. It is also best to keep your make up to earthy shades and hair, as neat as possible. The copper look is all about boho glamor and high fashion, so messy and rugged look will not work here.

  1. Copper rings

If you are not about all the buzz and fuss of copper jewelry, you can go for simple ones like copper bands and earrings instead. A structured, hanging copper earring worn over muted tops can instantly turn a boring look into a very classy one. If you want to keep it even simpler, wear a simple band ring. The rusty tone of the metal will make this small piece of jewelry very much visible. However, if you are trying to draw attention to this small piece of jewelry, keep your makeup and the rest of the look very simple.

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