Buying Cruelty-free Makeup at the Drugstore

Buying Cruelty-free Makeup at the Drugstore

With all the great cruelty-free products available, you don’t need to buy makeup from companies that test on animals. European companies have ceased animal testing on cosmetics, and are demonstrating that it is an unnecessary practice. No matter what your opinion is on animal rights or vegetarianism, I think we can agree that testing makeup on animals is unnecessary.

Don’t waste your money on products needlessly tested on animals when there are so many quality products available from cruelty-free companies. How do you know if a product is cruelty-free? Many companies will print “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free” on the label. Other companies require more research. Check the company’s website or contact their customer service. If a company does not give a clear answer to whether or not they test on animals, skip them! Stick with companies that you can confirm are cruelty-free. You will find many products from companies that do test on animals in your local drugstore, but you still have many cruelty-free options.

Local Boho Stores have started carrying all the below companies.

Revlon: This company offers a wide range of different products, including the popular new ColorStay with SoftFlex foundation. The ColorStay with SoftFlex foundations are available in different formulas for dry/normal skin or combination/oily skin. Their Eyeglide eye shadows are an innovative type of eye shadow applied from a sponge-tip pen. There are some fun colors available in addition to more conservative neutrals.

Almay: Owned by Revlon, but offers less expensive products. They make cosmetics easy by offering color coordinated sets of eye makeup and lip makeup. I particularly like their lip gloss, but sadly the color range is limited.

Burt’s Bee’s: This line of cosmetics only recently began to appear in drugstores, but it has been a favorite at natural grocery stores for years. Their makeup offerings are limited, but their Lip Shimmers really stand out. This tinted lip balm gives a beautiful natural hint of color and feels great on the lips.

Milani: Relatively new to drugstore shelves, this company has a cult-like following. I’ve heard many people compare Milani to more expensive brands like MAC. In fact, many Milani products are color look-alikes when compared to high-end brands. Milani offers many fun, young, hip colors of eye shadow and glitter eye liner. The lipsticks are without a doubt the highest quality and longest lasting lipsticks at the drugstore. Milani blush in Luminous is a less expensive clone of the popular Nars blush in Orgasm.

Sinful Colors: This line of nail enamel is bright and fun at a very affordable price. Neutral and conservative colors are also available, but some days we all just need glitter nail polish. The polish applies thick and opaque, giving beautiful color with the first coat.

Bonne Bell: Not just Lip Smackers anymore! Bonne Bell offers lip gloss, lip sticks, eye makeup, blush and bronzer. The lip glosses and lip colors are all very good, but the eye makeup, blush and bronzer are more sheer and natural. This line is targeted to young teens, but someone who is looking for a natural makeup style will appreciate Bonne Bell makeup.

Jane: This is another line targeted to teens, but they offer high quality products that adults will enjoy. This was my favorite brand in highschool, but sadly it has become harder for me to find. Their lipsticks are really top of the line. Eye Zings eye shadows are very popular and come in a variety of fun colors or conservative neutrals.

E.L.F: This is a very inexpensive brand that offers very small sized product packages. The lip glosses are really fantastic, shiny and long lasting. Their makeup brushes are a real treat for such a small price. The eye shadows and blushes are overly fragranced, and too sheer for my liking.

Vital Radiance: This is a new cosmetics line from Revlon targeted to mature makeup lovers. They offer a good selection of foundation shades, and their products are designed to flatter aging skin.

Physician’s Formula and Prestige: I am not too familiar with either of these brands, but I have heard good reviews of their products. Prestige seems to be marketed to women with darker skin tones. Physician’s Formula seems to be targeted to people with sensitive skin.

Sorry folks, these companies are still testing on animals:

Cover Girl
Max Factor


Copper fashion – feel the earth child within you

Copper fashion – feel the earth child within you

Copper may be more than just another metal in boho fashion. This metal has been used for jewelry since times immemorial. The Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, all have limitlessly used copper to not only define their ensembles, but as an integral part of their everyday life. The reason why copper demands such an important place in boho fashion is because it carries a very earthy undertone and therefore signifies a very deep harmony between fashion and nature. The other great benefit with copper is that it looks great any skin tone. Below are some ways to incorporate copper into your boho fashion and to really make your boho style clothing stand out.

  1. Copper chains

Copper chains are much more neutral as compared to gold and silver chains. They can liven up an outfit without making it look too gaudy or over powering. Copper chains are best worn over plain silk tops in deeper, warmer colors such as rust, red and brown. They also look great with black and deep blue. The trick to achieving the flawless look is by keeping the rest of the look simple. Layering copper chains of varying thickness is always more effective than wearing a single one. Single copper chains hardly work for any look unless they are ornamented with stones and motifs. Wear bold makeup on the eyes and lips.

  1. Make up

Copper is a very earthy metal. So without the right makeup, it is hard to bring out the zesty element of this metal. Neutral makeup does nothing great for copper jewelry, it drags down the look. So go for bold eyes and lips instead. Deeper shades of lipstick like mauve, magenta, plum, and burgundy with a silky satin finish, paired with smoky eyes will make a very strong fashion statement.

  1. Copper embellishments

Copper can be worn as more than just a piece of jewelry. Integrating copper as embellishments in dresses and jackets is a great way to add instant glamor to your look. For example, a pair of black skinny jeans paired with a commando blazer, embellished with copper sequins would look great for any kind of event. Copper can further be added to handbags and purses and replaced with bag straps for a bigger impact. It is also best to keep your make up to earthy shades and hair, as neat as possible. The copper look is all about boho glamor and high fashion, so messy and rugged look will not work here.

  1. Copper rings

If you are not about all the buzz and fuss of copper jewelry, you can go for simple ones like copper bands and earrings instead. A structured, hanging copper earring worn over muted tops can instantly turn a boring look into a very classy one. If you want to keep it even simpler, wear a simple band ring. The rusty tone of the metal will make this small piece of jewelry very much visible. However, if you are trying to draw attention to this small piece of jewelry, keep your makeup and the rest of the look very simple.


Some important things to know about Bohemian clothing

Bohemian clothing
Some important things to know about Bohemian clothing

Bohemian or Boho clothing is basically a particular dressing style which originates from the gypsies of India in the years 1300s. These gypsies were leaving India because of its difficulties at such time. For this main reason you can frequently see the most of the Indians influenced those patterns worked into a particular style. The persons who are all new to this pattern of bohemian clothing are feeling somewhat difficult to adapt to it. Due to the various reasons, a style of boho clothing has been spread throughout the Europe and also United States. Today, a lot of fame personalities and starts are wearing the bohemian clothes in order to view their stylish appearance. Those who are all beginners to wear the boho clothes and they are trying to adapt to this bohemian dressing fashion are doing several mistakes. Here are some of the few tips and advices from the experts to the people who want to change their dressing style to the bohemian fashion.

  • Bohemian clothing is not usually made up of the baggy clothing. As an alternative, the wearers need clothing articles which properly fit to you. The most general trend in the bohemian dressing style includes tie dye tops along with the shirts.
  • When considering the tie dye top in the boho dress, the most appealing color is one more exclusive feature which can be experienced by everyone.
  • You can also get an opportunity to wear capri pants and based on your style you can pair it with the specific top that is made by the appealing colors.
  • If you would like to wear the heavy sequin, you can also pair it with the boho gown to get extraordinary style.
  • There are different choices of jewelries available to wear with the boho clothing to obtain the best look.

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